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To the Customer: This original coupon can be exchanged for either a Cif Ecorefill Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner Spray 70ml or a Cif Ecorefill Power and Shine Bathroom Cleaner Spray 70ml.

Customers should present this coupon to the cashier in exchange for one of the above qualifying products. Copies will not be accepted. The authenticity of coupons is verifiable by cashiers. Only one original coupon can be redeemed against each product at participating UK Sainsbury’s stores only (excluding on-line). One coupon per person and per transaction only. Please do not attempt to redeem the coupon against any other product, or present a copy or imitation, as refusal to accept may cause embarrassment and delay at the checkout. This coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and cannot be exchanged for cash. This coupon may not be auctioned, sold, traded, transferred or assigned. Coupon void if altered, photocopied or reproduced (whole or part). Any such misuse may constitute a prosecutable offence. This coupon is valid only until [          ], upon which date it will cease to hold any value.

To the Retailer: Promoter will redeem this coupon at your regular retail price of Cif Ecorefill Power and Shine 70ml products provided ONLY that it has been taken as payment for such a product. Only one coupon can be reimbursed per item purchased. One coupon per person and per transaction at participating UK Sainsbury’s stores only (excluding on-line). Please submit coupons within 6 months of coupon expiry date (below). Normal handling allowance and second class postage will also be paid. Promoter reserves the right to refuse payment for coupons if it has reason to believe that they have been accepted other than in accordance with our terms.

Please submit coupons to Unilever UK Ltd., c/o Valassis Ltd., PO Box 6199, Nuneaton, CV11 9HQ. Valid in the UK only. Promoter: Unilever UK Ltd, Unilever House, Springfield Drive, Leatherhead KT22 7GR.

VALID UNTIL [       ]. Coupon Code: xxxx xxxxx. Coupon Value: RRP.