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Hero banner: Welcome to the Ecorefill Revolution

Welcome to the Ecorefill Revolution

Beautiful Home. Beautiful Planet

Zero watermarks  

The same streak-free shine as Power and Shine, in a 10x concentrated solution. 

100% grease removal  

The same tough grease removal as Power and Shine, in a 10x concentrated solution. 

Save space  

75% less plastic vs a regular Power and Shine spray bottle means saving space in your cleaning cupboard.

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The all-new Cif Ecorefill not only allows you to use your refillable cleaning spray bottle for life...

but with a concentrated formula – you can expect the same quality cleaning performance, now with an eco-friendly focus. Although our new Ecorefills are a solution you add to water, the formula is by no means diluted or less effective. In fact, the Ecorefill’s 10x concentrated formula means no more streaks, watermarks and more.

When it comes to tougher jobs like cleaning an old bath tub or keeping your kitchen spotless, you can expect the same powerful performance from Cif Power & Shine. Another great benefit of our new Ecorefill is its size. You can stock up on recyclable Ecorefills without having to worry about taking up space. Plus, if you need space saving ideas, we’ve got plenty of tips on how best to organise your kitchen. At the end of the day, your home is your sanctuary and Cif Power & Shine’s powerful cleaning performance helps to beautify your home, keeping it clean and cared for.  

How to reuse your Power and Shine
spray bottle with the Cif Ecorefill. 

Want to know how to use your Ecorefill? Click to watch @jottiesjournal demo the Cif Ecorefill.

Add waterRemove spray head and fill with water up to the line (630ml).


Attach eco refillAttach the eco refill to the bottle neck and screw clockwise until it clicks.


Refill completeOnce the eco refill is empty, remove and replace the spray head. Use as normal.

Video icon - How to use your Ecorefill: @jottiesjournal demo video

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