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This image depicts a man outside his home. He is waving at a passing cyclist, as he cleans a beautiful blue mosaic window surround.

Restore Community Beauty With Cif

Cleaning is a great way to brighten your surroundings. Enjoy a clean, shiny, and happy community thanks to the cleaning power of Cif.

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How can Cif beautify your neighbourhood and inspire community development?

There are many ways to improve your community through cleaning and this often starts at home. Start by cleaning your grill with Cif Perfect Finish Oven and Grill Spray Cleaner or power washing your patios and cleaning your windows to brighten your outdoor space – then encourage others to do the same! You could also make the most of your indoor space and invite your neighbours over to discuss ideas to help the community. All you need is tea, biscuits and a sparkling clean bathroom! Use Cif Cream, Cif Power & Shine Bathroom, and Cif Perfect Finish Anti-Limescale Spray to remove 100% of tough limescale stains and restore a beautiful shine to your bathroom.

Make your surroundings as beautiful as Cif makes your home! One of the best ways to improve your community is to wash off spray paint and remove all traces of vandalism. How to remove spray paint? Arrange a graffiti clean-up operation within the community or get in touch with your local council. To wash off spray paint, you’ll need solvents, wire brushes, and clean cotton rags.

Arrange projects to improve your community to complete tasks quickly and efficiently and reveal the beauty in your neighbourhood. Community volunteer ideas are also a great way to get to know your neighbours! Projects to improve your community could include litter picking, dog walking and helping less-able neighbours with their housework. Looking for more community volunteer ideas and inspiration? Try repainting benches and fences, building bird houses or starting a neighbourhood watch programme. Say goodbye to ugly dirt in your community and hello to your beautiful, reinvigorated surroundings!