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How Community Activities can Make Your Local Area Brighter

Don’t let your surroundings get you down – think of it as an opportunity to unite as a community and restore the beauty to your neighbourhood together. Here are ideas to inspire you to make your local area a brighter, cleaner, and more beautiful place to live.

Whether you want to implement a much-needed change, celebrate an occasion, or simply get to know your neighbours, community involvement activities will really help bring everyone together and also change things for the better.

One of the main benefits of community involvement is building relationships and connections that could last a lifetime. Bonding with your neighbours leads to a tighter, happier community that is a joy to live in. Getting to know your neighbours will allow you to feel more comfortable in your neighbourhood, and a proud, united community is more likely to look after each other too.

Ideas for community activities

The benefits of community involvement are clear – but where do you start? How can you inspire the whole neighbourhood to participate in a community involvement project? Here are some community involvement examples which you could advertise using flyers, social media, or even a website:

  1. Repaint benches and tired-looking fences, and clean or paint over walls marked with graffiti to restore your neighbourhood to its beautiful best
  2. Make your community a better place for wildlife with bird houses, bird feed, and fountains. Admiring your local wildlife is a great way to relax and be more mindful of your surroundings
  3. Get your community involved with helping others. You could work with a local charity to raise donations for a good cause, or organise a special event with the proceeds going to a charity
  4. Rally the community to clean your local area. This will make everyone feel safer – whether they’re going to school or walking to the shops – as well as happier. Organising a community clean up day is a great idea – you could focus on a particular street or park, and if your day is successful you could tackle another location next time!
  5. Start a neighbourhood watch programme to help prevent crime and vandalism in your local area

These tips are a good starting point as you start to bring your neighbours together with community activities. Say hello to your beautiful neighbourhood!