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This image depicts a man outside his home. He is waving at a passing cyclist, as he cleans a beautiful blue mosaic window surround.

Community Clean up: How to Bring Joy to Your Neighbourhood

Cif believes that beautiful homes and beautiful places make us all happier. Here are some tips to help you and your neighbours be proud to live in your area and appreciate its beauty again.

A little bit of cleaning goes a long way – sometimes all the way to the end of your street! If you’re thinking about organising a community clean up day, we have some advice for you. By taking a moment to ensure your own environment is bright, clear, and sparkling clean, you and your neighbours can enjoy your neighbourhood even more.

How to organise a neighbourhood clean up!

Community involvement is crucial when it comes to organising a neighbourhood clean up. Why not invite a few of your neighbours round for coffee to discuss how you could transform your local area into a bright, welcoming, and refreshing place?

Here are some ideas for how to organise a community clean up day:

  • Choose the right day and time – look at community calendars and avoid any clashes with special events
  • Come up with a plan. Ask your neighbours for a consensus on the areas that they would like to target. If there’s a particular area, such as an underpass or a path that is dirty and anxiety-inducing to your community, then clean that first. You can start small, with just one park or street at first
  • Think about the supplies you will need – rubbish bags, gloves, any cleaning products, and so on
  • Get the word out there! You can put up fliers around the neighbourhood, create an event on social media, or even place an advert in a local paper. You could set up a dedicated email account or social media page to make sure people know who to contact with any questions
  • Ensure that your neighbours RSVP with their availability and the equipment they can bring so that you can be more effective at planning your day

You could even organise a neighbourhood clean up day where you tackle several tasks together one morning or afternoon. A joint effort will make for a sparkling clean community!

Community clean up day ideas

Now that you know how to organise a clean-up movement, think about what else you and your neighbours can do to restore the beauty to your area.

  1. Even starting with small projects will reveal the beauty in your local area and build momentum for future projects. You could begin with a project like tidying up flower boxes or removing stickers from lampposts
  2. Other people will be inspired by the beauty being restored to your neighbourhood and appreciate how much more pleasant their surroundings are. It’s likely they’ll want to join in and help, so perhaps organise some medium size projects such as cleaning parks. Tasks for this could include picking litter out of hedges, mowing the grass and planting flowers
  3. A larger scale project could be organising the removal of any fly-tipping or graffiti
  4. Big community clean up projects require equipment like rakes, rubbish bags, and gloves. Request people bring their own or ask the council to provide what you need to clean up litter and tidy up pavements and public areas

Get together with your community and say, ‘hello, beautiful!’ to your restored surroundings.

Remember: before using any cleaning product, carefully read the instructions and warnings on the label. Always test any product in a small, inconspicuous area first.