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This image is of a tunnel with a trolley for the hello beuatiful community projects

Hello Beautiful Neighbourhood Project


What the Hello Beautiful Neighbourhood Project is about


Most of us agree that it’s nice when things look beautiful. But how many of us believe that the beauty of where we live really matters and really has a profound effect on our happiness and that of the whole community? At Cif we are proving that a focus on beauty can create real positive change: on our surroundings, on our community, and ultimately on our happiness. 

Our mission is to “To restore the beauty of home and cities to improve people’s happiness”, to live this mission we are committed to a programme of restorations in neighbourhoods across the UK. Launching 4 projects this year, with the ambition to improve the wellbeing of over 150,000 people by the end of 2020.

To deliver this momentous task, we have partnered with Semble, the UK's most active platform for helping community groups get the support they deserve.

Our projects are now complete for 2020. To find out more about these projects follow the links below. To find out more or get involved in 2020 please nominate your interest below. 



Nominate your Neighbourhood

We'd love to hear from you about the neighbourhoods that are close to your heart that could use a little help to enhace their beautiful.