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Team of helpers dressed in overalls waving at the camera

Cif Beautiful Neighbourhoods


Vale Park Project


To kick off the Cif Hello Beautiful Neighbourhood project in 2019, this community led activation saw Cif team up with the Friends of Vale Park community group to clean the old Vale Park Cattle Tunnel in Portslade, Hove, near Brighton. It was a true representation of the positive impact on people’s happiness that restoring the beauty of our communities has. 

The Vale Park Cattle Tunnel is an essential link that connects the local community to the recreational space on the other side. A link that hasn’t been used to its full potential due to it being ugly, dirty and unwelcoming. 

By restoring the tunnel to it’s beautiful best, Cif aim to show that beauty goes beyond simply clearing a path and ultimately leads to a heightened sense of happiness and joy for the people and community that use the tunnel. 

See below for the beautiful transformation that was achieved. For more information, see this article from ITV.