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This image depicts a woman who jumpes in her kicthen, she is smiling.

Reveal the Beauty in Your Home

There’s beauty to be found in every room. Come, take a look.

How to keep your house clean and beautiful with Cif

A beautiful home can bring a smile to your face. Whether it's the fresh fragrance or being able to see your reflection in your surfaces, Cif can help. Cif Power & Shine Multipurpose Wipes easily detach, lift and remove visible and invisible dirt from virtually all surfaces around your home. Cif’s range of sprays for all around your home can also clean stainless steel, ovens, bathrooms and kitchens to their beautiful best while tackling mould stains and limescale. Meanwhile, Cif Cream is formulated with 100% natural cleaning particles which remove 100% of dirt – restoring the show-stopping shine to surfaces around your home in minutes. Need to know how to keep your house clean and beautiful? Cif makes light work of household chores and leaves your home spotlessly clean with minimal effort - leaving you more time to enjoy your beautiful home. 

As the heart of the home and the centre of family life, it’s important to keep your kitchen shiny clean. Cif Power & Shine Antibacterial Spray kills 99.9% of germs and removes grease and dirt to restore a flawless shine to your surfaces. A beautiful home not only looks pristine, but smells divine too!

Want to know how to improve your home in minutes? Use Cif Wipes, Sprays and Creams to reveal beautiful in your bathroom surfaces. Keep your bathroom looking beautiful with Cif Power & Shine Bathroom. It's formulated with technology to lift away 100% of soap scum and limescale for a 100% streak-free shine. For a deep clean, use Cif Cream with 100% natural cleaning particles to remove 100% of dirt and for a shiny clean finish. For specialist cleaning, use Cif Perfect Finish Mould Stain Remover Spray and Cif Perfect Finish Anti-Limescale Spray to remove mould stains and 100% of limescale marks. Get rid of soap scum, limescale, watermarks and black mould stains quickly and enjoy a streak-free shine that beautifies your bathroom and entire home! Say goodbye to ugly dirt and hello to your beautiful home.