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This image depicts a man kissing a very clean kitchen floor. As his reflection can be seen in it, it looks as if he's kissing himself.

Cif Floor Cleaners for Beautiful Homes

Start loving your floors with Cif floor cleaners, for a shiny clean surface and a fresh fragrance. Your floors will look so beautiful!

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With Cif Floor Cleaners, your floors will look so beautiful! From wood to tile floors, Cif has you covered! 

Get your wooden floors back to their beautiful best with Cif. Whether you have laminate, wood effect vinyl flooring, linoleum, ceramic, and washable or varnished wood floors, Cif cleans to reveal their beauty. Your search for wood and vinyl floor cleaner ends with Cif – a floor cleaner you can trust. 

Cif Living Room Floor Expert gently lifts dirt from your living room floors giving them a beautiful shine. It will give you a fresh and clean fragrance and there is no need to rinse. Say goodbye to dust, footprints, and tough dirt and hello to a living room floor so beautiful that you could kiss it! 

If you want to reveal the beauty in every tiled corner of your home, use Cif Antibacterial Floor Wipes to remove stubborn dirt and finish off with Cif Floor Cleaner. Perfect as a bathroom floor cleaner or a ceramic tile cleaner, Cif Antibacterial Floor Wipes clean with one wipe. They effortlessly lift visible dirt, leaving only a zesty scent behind. Then, use Cif Floor Cleaner to cut through light grease, remove footprints and eliminate other daily grime from your floors. Say goodbye to ugly dirt and hello to a beautiful floor!