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Cif Surface Cleaners For Beautiful Homes

Cif has solutions for many cleaning needs. Choose from our range and discover how to make your home beautiful! 

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Keep your home surfaces looking their beautiful best with Cif!

Cif Cream is an amazing surface cleaner. Made with 100% Natural Cleaning particles, it removes 100% of tough dirt for a 100% shiny clean. Perfect for all areas around your home and also for objects such as leather trainers or bikes. It's surprising how many things Cif Cream can clean!

If you need a specialist's touch to restore beauty to your home and remove black mould stains, try Cif Perfect Finish Mould Stain Removal spray. You'll love revealing the beauty of your surfaces as unsightly mould stains disappear, revealing clean tiles underneath. Keep your tiles cleaner for longer with Cif Perfect Finish Anti-Limescale spray and remove 100% of tough limescale stains from your tiles, shower, sinks and taps. Say goodbye to ugly dirt and hello to beautiful, shiny clean surfaces!